Architectural Guidelines, Application Process and Information

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Acceptable Residential Fence Styles
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For your convenience, here is a copy of the Arbor Landing ARC Guidelines.  If after reviewing the Guidelines you still have a question, please call or email the Arbor Landing HOA office at for additional information and assistance.




In order to make any exterior modifications to your home and/or yard, you must first submit an Exterior Alteration Application to the ALHOA Office and receive approval from the Arbor Landing Architectural Review Committee (ARC).  All requests will need to include the following: 


  • Completed Application
  • Diagrams and a detailed description of the changes or additions, including the colors and materials to be used
  • Land plat or map showing the property lines and the placement of the change/addition
  • Color/material samples (if applicable)
  • If an exception from the Arbor Landing Architectural Guidelines is requested, please indicate the reason why the exception is needed


The Exterior Alteration Application must be signed by the two closest/most affected neighbors.


Exterior Alteration Applications are reviewed and voted on by members of the ALHOA Architectural Review Committee.  The ALHOA Office sends out an electronic copy of each application to the ARC members, and most discussions and votes are done on-line rather than at a formal meeting.  If you would like to serve on the ARC, please contact the ALHOA Office at 751.0976 or


Requests will receive a response within 30 days of the date of submission of a COMPLETE application.  Should an application require additional time for review, the member will be notified. Members have the right to appeal and/or be heard before the Board of Directors if an application is denied.


If there is no active ARC, Exerior Alteration Applications will be reviewed by the Board of Directors in an Executive Session at the next board meeting after the complete applications have been submitted.


ARC Exterior Alteration Application
Use the attached form to request approval for any alterations or additions you would like to make to your home or property.
Exterior Alteration Application.pdf
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ARC violations are handled by Community Partners of Virginia, Inc.  If you notice a violation of the Arbor Landing Architectural Guidelines in the community and wish to report it, please contact the Arbor Landing Community Administrator, Trisha Saintelus at or 804.378.5000, x 225.  Your contact information will be kept confidential but should be included in case more information is needed.


Please address any landscaping needs you might have in a timely fashion.  Any yard waste or debris should be removed, to present better curb appeal to the neighborhood and allow for a stronger, healthier lawn during the hot summer months.


Please don't forget to remove any mold growing on outside structures such as your home, sheds and mailboxes.


Please do not allow anyone to park on your grass or on the grass of your neighbors' yards, to avoid causing bare patches on lawns.


Do you have questions on ARC requirements or need help in formulating a maintenance plan for your yard?  Contact the ARC at  They would love to give you some tips!


Did you know?


When the summer months heat up, at least an inch of water per week is needed to keep a green and healthy lawn.