Safety & Security Information

To report suspicious activity in the community:


Chesterfield County Police Department (emergency) – 911

Chesterfield County Police Department (non-emergency) – 804.748.1251



To report problems involving a live animal:


Chesterfield County Police Department Animal Services Unit – 804.748.1251

(The ALHOA has no authority to take action in response to animal problems.) Wild animals such as coyotes are not trapped by Wildlife Game and Fisheries you may contact them for information (855-571-9003) but you would need to hire a private trapper.



To report problems involving an animal carcass in the lake or roadway:


Ironbridge Property Owners Association – 804.706.5882



For questions about adopting an animal:


Chesterfield County Animal Control Shelter – 804.748.1683 (8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mon - Fri)


ALHOA Community Awareness.pdf
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Residents are reminded to ALWAYS keep your car doors locked, keep valuables out of sight, and be vigilant about the goings-on in the community.  If you notice any suspicious activity, please contact the Chesterfield County Police.  If you have any information about the recent break-ins, please contact Det. J. S. Samuels of the Chesterfield County Police Criminal Investigation Division at 804.706.2793 or


Also, in the past there has been a dog attack in Arbor Landing involving an unleased dog causing injury to another dog that was being walked on a leash by its owner.  Residents who own dogs are reminded that per county law, dogs MUST be kept on a leash whenever they are off your property.  Please make sure to clean up after your dog it if relieves itself in your neighbors' yards or any of the community's common areas.  While walking in the neighborhood, residents are urged to use caution and stay alert.  In the event of a dog attack, please call 911.  If you see a dog running at large, becme aware of animal neglect or cruelty, or find a stray dog or cat, please call the Chesterfield County Police Department's Animal Services Division at 748.1251.


Catalytic converter thefts are on the rise across the County, and the police department has a new technology available to help fight this act- CATGUARD. If you are interested please reach out to Corporal Craig Ekrich (information below)and he will get you in touch with their representative. As always you can also reach out to him with any questions or concerns as well.


Corporal Craig Eckrich

Chesterfield County Police Department

Community Engagement Unit





  • Keep an eye out for your neighbors.
  • Lock doors and windows, even if you will be away for only a few moments.  It takes a thief just seconds to take what you worked many hours to earn.
  • Alert police to suspicious activity. Do NOT place yourself in harm’s way by “investigating” on your own.
  • Keep a porch light on at night.
  • Use a timer system if you will be away from home for an extended period.
  • When walking in both daytime and nighttime, wear bright clothing and reflectors to help drivers see you better.




Did you know that on warm days, if the pavement is too hot for you to touch, it is also too hot for your dog's paws?  Please do the "touch test" before walking your dog, and keep your dog away from hot pavement.  Your dog will be thankful!


Also, per county law, dogs must be kept on a leash whenever they are off your property.  Please make sure to clean up after your dog if it relieves itself in your neighbors' yards or in any of the community's common areas.  Thank you for helping make Arbor Landing a pleasant place to live!