I'm selling my house in Arbor Landing / Bel Arbor.  How can my realtor obtain an ALHOA Disclosure Package to give to the buyer?

For real estate transactions, Disclosure Packages can be ordered from the Community Partners of Virginia, Inc., website: (www.communitypartnersva.com) and scroll under order products. 

You can search directly for disclosure packages at: (https://board.communitypartnersva.com/disclosures.cfm). Information about the cost and process are included on that page.




Do HOA members’ monthly assessments cover the cost of snow removal in Arbor Landing and Bel Arbor?

No, the ALHOA and IPBOA assessments are not enough to cover the large expense required to hire a private contractor to clear the community’s roads and cul-de-sacs.


Who is responsible for clearing the community roads?

Residents' state tax dollars actually pay for snow removal, as the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is responsible for plowing all county and subdivision roads in Chesterfield County.


When will the roads in Arbor Landing/Bel Arbor be cleared?

VDOT focuses on clearing primary and secondary roads before moving into subdivisions.  Consequently, it may take several days after a snow event before VDOT is able to clear the community's roads.  For comments or complaints about snow removal, please contact Chesterfield County Supervisor (Bermuda District) Dorothy Jaeckle at 804.748.1211 (office), 804.748.4364 (home) or jaeckled@chesterfield.gov.


What can I do to help get the roads in Arbor Landing/Bel Arbor cleared faster?

First, try not to have any cars parked on the street, since VDOT may otherwise refuse to plow your street to avoid causing damage.  Then call the VDOT Call Center at 800.367.7623 and report that the community’s streets have not yet been attended to by VDOT and that they need to be cleared.  You can also report problems on VDOT’s website at www.511Virginia.org.  The more calls VDOT receives about a specific area, the quicker it will respond.


Is there someone I can hire to shovel my driveway/sidewalk?

Check the Community Resources page to see if there is anyone listered there who offers snow removal services.  If you know of someone not currently listed that you would like to recommend, please send that person's name and contact information to the HOA office at arborlanding@comcast.net, so they can be added to the Community Resources page.